Course Description

Don't miss the chance of joining a LIVE Online Academy with Johan Arwidmark, Andreas Hammarskjold, and Phil Wilcock. In this training you learn to use peer-to-peer magic to make sure your network is not overloaded with Windows 10, Windows 11, ConfigMgr, and Intune traffic. In this session you get a crash course into using and configuring Delivery Optimization, BranchCache, Peer Cache, LEDBAT, MCC, and BITS for ConfigMgr and Intune Environments.

The mini course runs for two hours, during which you have the chance to ask Johan, Andreas, and Phil questions directly. If you can't make the live event, the webinar is recorded and will be available within 24 hours from broadcast. 

Course Schedule

Date and Time for Live Webinars

Date and start time for the next live 90-minutes webinar:

  • TBA, but it will be in Q3, 2022

Previous event

  • Recording available from the live webinar on May 12, 2022
  • Recording available from the live webinar on December 21, 2021

Course Outline

Module 1: Building the Perfect Lab

  • Setup Delivery Optimization (DO) for Microsoft Intune
  • Using Microsoft Connected Cache in ConfigMgr and Intune
  • Setup Peer Caching with ConfigMgr
  • Setup BranchCache for ConfigMgr
  • Setup BITS for ConfigMgr
  • Setup Low Extra Delay Background Transport (LEDBAT) for ConfigMgr