Masterclass Description

We proudly announce this LIVE Online Training focusing on Windows 10 and Windows 11 deployment and servicing using ConfigMgr, MDT, and Intune.  It is well-known that Windows 10 and Windows 11 are being used throughout many organizations, making the timely availability of this best-in-class training even more essential for IT Professionals. In addition to detailed training on all the needed deployment task sequences and scenarios, this LIVE Online Training will teach you about the new setup and deployment features, changes in Windows 11 and the Windows ADK for Windows 11, and more.

In this LIVE Online Training, you will learn to build and customize rock-solid deployment solutions using ConfigMgr and and how to set up servicing (upgrades) to Windows 11 using ConfigMgr and Intune. You will get a thorough walk-through of ConfigMgr and Intune and a deep technical drill-down to changes in the Windows 11 Setup platform.

Hands-on Labs
Over 60 percent of the time you spend in this live training is dedicated to hands-on labs and exercises, all based on actual real-life scenarios and realistic methods tested and verified to work in real-world production environments. 

Added Bonus
The best part of this LIVE Online Training is that you can access all the sample files and sample scripts used during training.  We will even provide you with a proven solution to build a complete lab environment upon completing the training.

This Live Online Training runs for four days and includes:

  • Daily live webinars (with plenty of time for Q&A)
  • A community of individuals with the same goals
  • A private Facebook group with other participants for sharing reflections, progress, etc.
  • The chance to ask Johan Arwidmark questions directly in a live training environment

This LIVE Online Training is for YOU if you want to:

  • Master Windows 10 and Windows 11 deployment and servicing
  • Effectively implement imaging using ConfigMgr
  • Customize servicing via Intune and ConfigMgr
  • Establish automation via Windows Autopilot and Microsoft Graph
  • Learn hardware and device driver solutions for Intune and ConfigMgr
  • Achieve and troubleshoot OS deployment

...and so much more!

Windows deployment experience, Sysprep, imaging, and drivers. Basic understanding of networking fundamentals such as TCPIP and DNS. Knowledge of Active Directory and software distribution using ConfigMgr. Scripting experience (VBScript, PowerShell) is helpful but not a requirement.

Masterclass Schedule

Date and Time for Live Webinars

Date and start time for the next Masterclasses:

  • July 29 - August 1, 2024, 9:00 AM-4:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

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Masterclass Outline

Module 1: Planning for Windows 10 and Windows 11 Deployment

  • Deployment Scenarios: Bare Metal, Refresh, Replace, and In-Place Upgrades (Servicing)
  • Deployment Methods: PXE, Boot Media, and Standalone Media
  • Planning for Network Infrastructure Peer-to-Peer Solutions
  • Introduction to BranchCache, Peer Cache, Delivery Optimization, BITS, and LEDBAT
  • Group Policy Strategy and Intune Policy Strategy
  • Assessment, Readiness, and Endpoint Analytics in Intune
  • Automation Levels: Wizard Driven, Fully Automated, Dynamic, and Hybrid
  • Understanding Unified Update Platform Updates

Module 2: Getting Started with Windows Autopilot

  • Bringing Computers under Management
  • Hybrid Deployment Scenarios
  • OEM Vendor Support
  • Automating via Microsoft Graph
  • Windows Autopilot Backup Plans
  • Scenarios for Bulk Enrollment

Module 3: Creating Reference Images

  • Creating Reference Images with ConfigMgr
  • Using MDT Lite Touch to Create Reference Images
  • Adding Operating System Files
  • Adding Applications
  • Creating Task Sequences
  • Creating Windows 10 and Windows 11 Reference Images

Module 4: Working with Hardware and Device Drivers

  • General Driver Challenges
  • Hardware Support and UEFI Configurations
  • Understanding Windows Drivers
  • Modern Driver Management
  • Automating BIOS Updates and Configuration Using ConfigMgr
  • Automating Driver and BIOS Updates Using Intune
  • Driver Tips and Tricks

Module 5: Production OS Deployment

  • Preparing for Production Deployment
  • Adding Production Applications
  • Adding Drivers and BIOS Updates
  • Additional Configurations for Distributed Environments
  • Enabling WDS-based and WDS-less PXE Responders

Module 6: ConfigMgr OS Deployment

  • Setting Up ConfigMgr for Software Distribution
  • Migrating MDT Integration to PowerShell
  • Creating Boot Images
  • Adding Operating System Images
  • Adding Drivers and BIOS Updates
  • Creating Task Sequences
  • Distributing Content and Deploying Task Sequences
  • Deploying Window Clients Using PXE

Module 7: Troubleshooting OS Deployment

  • Error Codes and Log Files
  • Debugging ConfigMgr OSD
  • Troubleshooting PXE
  • Advanced Task Sequence Troubleshooting

Module 8: Windows 10 and Windows 11 In-Place Upgrade Scenarios

  • Planning for Feature Upgrades
  • In-Place Upgrade Limitations
  • ConfigMgr vs. Intune for Servicing

Module 9: Windows 10 and Windows 11 Servicing in Production

  • Upgrading Windows 10 Clients to Windows 11
  • Servicing Existing Windows 10 and Windows 11 Installations
  • Creating the Windows 10 and Windows 11 Upgrade Task Sequences
  • Running the In-Place Upgrade Process
  • Adding Preflight Actions for Windows 10 and Windows 11 Upgrades and Servicing
  • Monitoring and Verifying the In-place Upgrade Process
  • Implementing Improved Servicing with Intune
  • Configuring the SetupConfig.ini File Using Remediations in Intune
  • Using Intune with Custom Actions for Windows Setup

Module 10: Using USMT for Refresh and Replace Scenarios

  • USMT Versions and Scenarios
  • Infrastructure Planning and Configuring the State Migration Point
  • User Data and Settings
  • System Requirements
  • Multi-user Migration Integration with ConfigMgr
  • Support for Additional Settings
  • Basic Custom XML Files
  • Troubleshooting

Module 11: Windows Setup Engine

  • Image-based Setup
  • Windows Configuration Passes
  • Understanding WSIM
  • Component-based Servicing
  • Windows Device Drivers

Module 12: Advanced Customizations

  • Creating a Test Environment
  • Using External Deployment Databases
  • Assigning Applications Using Roles
  • Using Stored Procedures
  • Using Webservices

Module 13: Maximizing Windows 10 and Windows 11 Network Performance

  • Setting Up Delivery Optimization (DO) for ConfigMgr and Microsoft Intune
  • Implementing P2P for OS Deployment
  • Using Microsoft Connected Cache for ConfigMgr and Intune Environments


Johan Arwidmark

Johan Arwidmark is a consultant, author, speaker, and all-around geek specializing in Enterprise Windows Deployment Solutions and Systems Management. Johan speaks at several conferences each year, including MMS and Ignite around the world. He is also actively involved in the community, and he has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2005. Johan is known for his energetic and humorous style, tackling complex concepts using simple "Real World" scenarios and lots of live demos. His areas of expertise include Enterprise Windows Deployment Tools and Management Systems: Intune, MDT, WinPE, WDS, and ConfigMgr (SCCM).

Johan Arwidmark

Technical Fellow