Masterclass Description

In this 3-day LIVE Online Training, you will learn how to migrate your on-premises environment to Microsoft Entra ID and Microsoft Intune. Two of the foremost Microsoft MVPs, Johan Arwidmark and Kent Agerlund, deliver this LIVE Online Masterclass organized in collaboration with Mirolus and twoday CTGlobal. If you want to master the main features of Entra ID and Intune migration, installation, configuration, and major troubleshooting issues, this LIVE Online Training is for you!

Over 60 percent of the time you spend in this live training is dedicated to hands-on labs and exercises, all of which are based on actual real-life scenarios and realistic methods tested and verified to work in real-world production environments. 

Added Bonus
The best part of this LIVE Online Training is that you get access to all the sample files and sample scripts used during training. We will even provide you a proven solution that will build up a complete lab environment upon completing the training.

This LIVE Online Training runs for three days and includes:

  • Daily live webinars (with plenty of time for Q&A)
  • A community of individuals with the same goals
  • A private Facebook group with other participants for sharing reflections, progress, etc.
  • The chance to ask Johan Arwidmark and Kent Agerlund questions directly in a live training environment

This LIVE Online Training is for YOU if you want to:

  • Master Entra ID migrations
  • Effectively implement Microsoft Intune policies
  • Achieve correct endpoint protection
  • Implement reports for your organization's users and data

...and so much more!

Basic understanding of networking fundamentals such as TCPIP and DNS. Knowledge of Active Directory and Windows operating systems. Having worked with ConfigMgr or Intune in some capacity for at least one year. SQL experience is helpful but not required.

Masterclass Schedule

Date and start time for the next Masterclass:

  • September 23-25, 2024, 9:00 AM-4:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Note: The live sessions of the Masterclass will be recorded and made available for live participants to view.

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Masterclass Outline

Module 1: Understanding Identity Protection

  • Introduction to Microsoft Entra ID
  • Exploring the Significance of Identity Protection in Today's Digital Landscape
  • The Evolving Threat Landscape
  • Preventing Identity Takeover in Real Time
  • Machine Learning-based Detections
  • Risk-based Access Policies
  • Understanding Risk Reports and Insights
  • Working with Entra ID Governance

Module 2: Migrating to Entra ID

  • Having a Cloud-first Strategy
  • Continuous Updates and Innovations
  • Scalability and Availability
  • Centralizing Identity Management
  • Securing Access via Conditional Access Policies
  • Supporting Multifactor Authentication (MFA)
  • Accessing Applications via Single-Sign-On (SSO)

Module 3: Hybrid Entra ID Join vs. Entra ID Only

  • Understanding On-Premises Requirements
  • Choosing between Entra ID Join or Hybrid Entra ID Join
  • Supporting Access to Local File Servers
  • Configuring Single-Sign-On for On-Premises Resources
  • Printer Management
  • Dependencies on Radius for WiFi Access
  • Using Windows LAPS

Module 4: Entra ID Architecture and Components

  • Introducing Architecture and Key Components of Microsoft Entra ID
  • Identity Providers and Connectors
  • Configuring User Authentication Methods
  • Understanding Role-based Access Control
  • Integration with Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Setting Up an Entra ID Tenant and Configuring Basic Settings

Module 5: Conditional Access Policies

  • Understanding Risk-based Conditional Access Policies
  • Defining Access Rules Based on Risk Levels
  • Implementing Multifactor Authentication
  • Working with Adaptive Access Controls
  • Configuring Conditional Access Policies

Module 6: Entra ID Deployment Strategies

  • Practical Implementation and Best Practices
  • Exploring Deployment Options and Considerations
  • Cloud vs. Hybrid Deployments
  • Scaling for Large Organizations
  • Monitoring and Auditing

Module 7: Migrating to Microsoft Intune

  • Building the Business Plan
  • Using a Simplified Policy Management Experience
  • Cross-Platform Support for Management and Policies
  • Futureproofing - Understanding Microsoft's Investment in Cloud Solutions

Module 8: Migrating Group Policies to Intune

  • Creating an Assessment and Inventory Plan
  • Doing a Thorough Assessment of Existing Group Policies
  • Documenting Configurations and Settings
  • Understanding Intune's Capabilities and Configuration Options
  • Configuring Intune Policies, Profiles, and Settings
  • Configuring Security Baselines
  • Performing Pilot Testing
  • Refining the Process Based on the Pilot Testing Phase
  • Working with Verification and Testing
  • Working with Rollout and Monitoring
  • Creating a Communication and Training Plan

Module 9: Migrating ConfigMgr Applications to Intune

  • Understanding Applications in Microsoft Intune
  • Creating an Assessment and Inventory Plan
  • ConfigMgr Applications Fundamentals, Part 1 - Packages and Applications
  • ConfigMgr Applications Fundamentals, Part 2 - Detection Methods and Requirement Rules
  • Comparing Application Inventory and Targeting
  • Exporting ConfigMgr Applications
  • Creating Win32 Apps in Intune
  • Automation via ConfigMgr and MS Graph PowerShell Modules

Module 10: Case Studies and Customer Success Stories

  • Learning from Real-World Entra ID Implementations
  • Industry-specific Use Cases
  • Success Stories
  • Lessons Learned
  • Implementing Advanced Entra ID Features
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues


Johan Arwidmark

Johan Arwidmark is a consultant, author, speaker, and all-around geek specializing in Enterprise Windows Deployment Solutions and Systems Management. Johan speaks at several conferences each year, including MMS and Ignite around the world. He is also actively involved in the community, and he has been awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) since 2005. Johan is known for his energetic and humorous style, tackling complex concepts using simple "Real World" scenarios and lots of live demos. His areas of expertise include Enterprise Windows Deployment Tools and Management Systems: Intune, MDT, WinPE, WDS, and ConfigMgr (SCCM).

Johan Arwidmark

Technical Fellow


Kent Agerlund

Kent Agerlund works as a Principal Consultant, author, trainer, and event speaker specializing in Enterprise Client Management solutions at CTGlobal. Kent frequently speaks at conferences like Ignite, MMS, NIC, IT/Dev Connections, and he is the main author of the Mastering Configuration Manager training and the books Mastering Configuration Manager, System Center Configuration Manager: Mastering the Fundamentals, and Mastering Microsoft Enterprise Mobility. He is also actively involved in communities like TechNet forums, local user groups, and is awarded Microsoft Most Valuable Professional (MVP) and Microsoft Regional Director for his work with Microsoft Enterprise Client Management. On stage, Kent is known for mixing “Real World” scenarios into his presentation with lots of demos.

Kent Agerlund

Principal Consultant, CTGlobal