Course Description

Don't miss the chance of joining a LIVE Online Training with the ViaMonstra Academy taught by David O’Brien from ARGOS. In this live training, you will learn about core Azure concepts, Azure services, Azure security, and Azure management tools, including automation via PowerShell. While the core focus for this class is providing a solid Azure infrastructure foundation based on real-world implementations, the course will also prepare you for the AZ-900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals exam.

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This program runs for six weeks and includes:

  • Weekly Live Webinars (with recordings and Q&A)
  • Weekly Assignments to Guide Your Progress
  • A Community of Individuals with the Same Goals
  • A Private Facebook Group with Other Participants for Sharing Reflections, Progress, etc. 
  • The Chance to Ask David O’Brien Questions Directly in a Live Training Environment

This LIVE Online Training is for YOU if you want to:

  • Be Prepared for the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Exam: AZ-900
  • Understand Azure Infrastructure with its many Tools and Services
  • Learn How to Pay for What You Use  and Effectively Manage Azure Costs
  • Implement Network Security using Azure Sentinel, Azure Firewalls, Azure Key Vault, and Azure DDoS Protection
  • Understand the Azure Service Lifecycle

Course Schedule

Date and Time for Live Webinars

Dates and start time for the live two-hour webinars:

  • Module 1: Thursday, July 14, 3:00-5:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
  • Module 2: Thursday, July 21, 3:00-5:30 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
    *Please Note: Due to a Power Outage, Instructor David O'Brien was unable to complete the training session for Module 1.  We have extended the time for Module 2 to accommodate the completion of the remaining Module 1 material as well as the full Module 2 material.  Thank you for your understanding.
  • Module 3: Thursday, July 28, 3:00-5:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
  • Module 4: Thursday, Aug 4, 3:00-5:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
  • Module 5: Thursday, Aug 11, 3:00-5:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)
  • Module 6: Thursday, Aug 18, 3:00-5:00 PM Central Time (US and Canada)

Course Outline

Module 1: Introducing Cloud and Azure Infrastructure

  • Understanding the Benefits of Cloud
  • Introducing High Availability, Scalability, Elasticity, and Agility
  • Selecting the Right Cloud Service for the Right Job: IaaS vs. PaaS vs. FaaS vs. SaaS
  • Our Showcase – Following a Company’s Journey to Azure
  • Understanding Cloud Types: Public vs. Private vs. Hybrid
  • Taking Control of Costs – Pay for What You Use

Module 2: Core Azure Services

  • Introducing the Microsoft Cloud Global Design
  • Choosing the Right Azure Region
  • Azure Paired Regions
  • Understanding Azure ExpressRoute
  • Using Availability Zones 
  • Azure Tenant vs. Azure Subscription vs. Azure Management Group
  • Creating Azure Resource Groups via the Portal and Azure Cloud Shell (PowerShell)
  • Working with Resource Groups
  • Working with Role-based Access (RBAC)
  • Using Azure Resource Manager
  • Core Azure Services and Their Use Cases: Compute, Network, and Storage
  • Creating Virtual Networks Using PowerShell
  • Creating Virtual Machines 
  • Creating Azure Bastion 
  • Establishing Remote Connection to a VM without Public Access Enabled

Module 3: Azure Core Solutions and Management Tools

  • Introduction to IoT Services 
  • Introduction to Data Services: Synapse, HDInsight, and Databricks
  • Working with ML Services, Bot, and Cognitive Services
  • Introduction to Serverless Services, Functions, and Logic Apps
  • Creating Logic Apps 
  • Introduction to Azure DevOps, GitHub, and GitHub Actions
  • Azure Mobile Applications
  • Working with the Cloud Shell
  • Using Azure Advisor, Azure Monitor, and Azure Service Health
  • Using ARM Templates 
  • Deploying Azure Resources Using the Bicep Language

Module 4: Azure and Network Security

  • Using the Security Center
  • Working with Policy Compliance, Secure Score, and Alerts
  • Introduction to Azure Key Vault
  • Using Azure Sentinel
  • Azure Dedicated Hosts
  • Defense in Depth
  • Network Security Groups and Azure Firewalls
  • Azure DDoS Protection

Module 5: Identity, Governance, Privacy, and Compliance Features 

  • Understanding Authentication: AuthN vs. AuthZ
  • Comparing Azure Active Directory and Active Directory
  • Using Conditional Access Policies
  • Enabling Azure MFA and SSO
  • Working with Azure RBAC and Tags
  • Using Azure Policy and Blueprint
  • Introduction to the Cloud Adoption Framework
  • Security vs. Privacy vs. Compliance – Understanding How They Are All Different but Related
  • Privacy Statement, Product Terms, and Data Protection Addendum
  • Understanding the Trust Center and Azure Compliance Documentation

Module 6: Azure Cost Management and Service Level Agreements

  • Reducing Costs in Azure
  • Introduction to Azure Advisor
  • Analyzing Resource Metrics
  • Cost Calculator
  • Azure Cost Management
  • Understanding Azure SLAs
  • Understanding Service Lifecycle


Instructor Bio:

David is the founder of ARGOS Cloud Security, a contextual cloud security SaaS that helps you keep your cloud platforms protected and secure. His fields of interest are mainly everything about cloud security, automation, and architecture. David has been a Microsoft Azure MVP for eight years and a Microsoft Certified Trainer for two years. When he isn’t working (and outside of a pandemic), he tries to spend as much time as possible with his family traveling the world or up in the air flying above it. If you would like to get in touch with David, just send him a tweet @david_obrien.

David O'Brien

Founder of ARGOS Cloud Security